torsdag, november 09, 2006

All Sysinternals tools in one download

Life has become a bit easier.
All the tools from Sysinternals in a single download. Sysinternals Suite
all of their wonderful tools in a 8 MB download. And this includes 68 executables, help files and some other files.

onsdag, november 08, 2006

XPS LightFX SDK under Vista

I tried to install and test XPS LightFX SDK under Vista RC2. First nothing happened, no flashing leds, but after installing Dell QuickSet Application (you have to run the installation in Windows XP sp2 compatibility mode), then my .NET wrapper for this SDK works on Vista too. :o)

The new tool from Sysinternals is released

Sysinternals / Microsoft have finally released Process Monitor which has the functionallity from the old Filemon and Regmon and adds a lot of nice features.
Perhaps the best improvement is non-destructive filters. So you can play around testing different filter settings, whithout destroying the log.
I just made a quick test, but it was nice. What are your system doing? Run process monitor, and it shows all registry and file activity...