måndag, augusti 27, 2012

Llama help me do my timesheet

I have to share my experience of connecting Llama to the Time Recording – Timesheet app making my Android phone help my remember how many hours I have spent at work. Just by keeping the phone in my pocket.

The open Android platform, at it’s best. Using one app to control another unrelated app.

To follow this instruction, first make yourself generally familiar with Llama.

In Llama I create an event:

  1. Name: Check in
  2. Condition: Enter Area: Work
    and Wi-Fi Network Connected: (my work network)
  3. Action – Android intent
    • Intent send mode: Broadcast
    • Action: com.dynamicg.timerecording.CHECK_IN

And then

  1. Name: Check out
  2. Condition: Leave Area – Work
  3. Action: Android intent
    1. Intent send mode: Broadcast
    2. Action: com.dynamicg.timerecording.CHECK_OUT

So when I connect to the Wi-Fi at work in the morning, Llama sends a message, that is received by Time Recording, checking me in. Then in the afternoon when I leave work a new message is sent to check me out. 

You might have to try different tricks to filter false check in or check out, but this works for me.

Here you can find some more info about available intents in Time Recording.