tisdag, oktober 24, 2006


Now I have created a first version of a .NET wrapper for the XPS LightFX SDK from Dell. And it does work a lot better than the C++ sample Delll shipped with the SDK. I don't know if Dell offers any way to contribute to their source code. If they do I have made their C++ sample more robust too. :)
The code includes a simple sample, but you do need a XPS M1710 or XPS M170.
I have only tested with XPS M1710 on XP, please report any problems. This version only supports one of the two ways to control the LEDs, the sequence read from XML file. Not the direct control. But hopefully I will find some time to implement the rest also. But otherwise you are welcome to help.

Here you have my XPSLeds Download, have fun!

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Crush sa...


I found your implementation of LightFX, I liked it. It's the only one like that around.
I'm not good at C++, have done a little C#. Could you possibly add 3 more functions to your sample, the GetLEDSettings, SetLEDSettings and SetPowerOnDefaults. I can't figure out how to make them work in C#. If you could do that, I could use those functions to make my program.


Crush sa...

Oh, nevermind, I figured out how to make the other functions work.