fredag, april 06, 2007

Partition and Burn

I was about to shrink my old XP partition. And I have read about a free partitioning program GPartedLiveCD, but first I confused it with GNU Parted the difference is that GParted adds a GUI.
There are instructions to boot GParted from an USB stick, but that didn't work at the first try. And I didn't want to spend hours rebooting to get it working. So I decided to make a LiveCD instead. I have not installed any CD burning program in Vista, since the operating system should be able to handle it on it's own. But how to burn an iso image?
I found a really small and nice download (378 kB) - ISO Recorder.
That adds a context menu command for ISO files that starts a simple wizard too burn the image.

Since the partition I shrunk, was the startup one, I was not suprised when I had to put in the installation disk to make a repair to make Vista boot again. I did physically move the Vista partition. And after the quick repair of the boot info, it worked fine.

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