söndag, maj 06, 2007

Mono - Silverlight

I have signed up to two Google groups and one mail list today, with the intent to join the development of a Mono version of Silverlight with the cool name: Moonlight.

For a "Windows developer" like myself it would feel much more familiar to start develop a web application using what I call Silverlight .NET (Silverlight 1.1 Alpha with a CLR), than to use the more traditional web application frameworks. It's more or less just like building a WPF application. You even have isolated storage.

Why should I contribute to the Moonlight development:
  • I really like the WPF design,
  • The world needs Silverlight for Linux.
  • I am curios to, how the collaboration in such an ambitious open source project as Mono works.
  • What better way to really learn the fundamentals of WPF?
BTW: I just love one idea from the Silverlight team, which would also be great in Compact Framework: Pay for play: They build a small core, with everything unnecessary stripped out, and if you miss something, you should be able to add it, and pay the price. So you don't have to yell out: WHY DID THEY STRIPP THAT OUT!

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