fredag, maj 18, 2007


Dell has released a new version of their XPS LightFX SDK. This version includes different dll's for Windows XP / Vista and their 32- and 64-bit versions. I have improved my managed wrapper, to support not only the SetEffect function, but also SetLEDSettings. I didn't care about backward compatibility, but changed the way you use the wrapper to be more simple.

This XPS thing is a Dell laptop model, I use a XPS M1710.

If you run the LedsExample program please copy the correct version of GamingSDK.dll to the folder, I added the Vista 32-bit version.

Download my wrapper: .NET XPS LightFX SDK

I made a simple hard coded version of CCTray(binary), which shows the summary build status on the XPS LED's. My XPS for CCTray patch(source)

Howto use the managed wrapper:
using Björn.Carlsson.XPSLeds;
namespace Leds
public partial class Form1 : Form
XPSLeds m_XPSLeds;

public Form1()
m_XPSLeds = new XPSLeds();
FormClosing += Form1_FormClosing;

void Form1_FormClosing(object sender, FormClosingEventArgs e)

private void btnSet_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
m_Settings.Intensity = LED_INTENSITY.MAX;
m_Settings.Zone1 = LED_COLOR.KUNZITE;
m_Settings.Zone2 = LED_COLOR.PERIDOT;
m_Settings.Zone3 = LED_COLOR.TANZANITE;
m_Settings.ColorTouchPad = LED_COLOR_TOUCHPAD.RUBY;

m_XPSLeds.SetLEDSettings(m_Settings, false);

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mawi sa...

Cool! But... no pics?! Hey!! You're talking about LEDs, but give no eyecandy - c'mon!! ;-D

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